People discovered that after the rain fall in the center of their city has grown up enormous, talking and moving flowers! The plants giants gently walk along the streets above the astonished faces of pedestrians. They are showing their giant four meters tall flower. The fairytale plants creatures tease the audience to come closer and hear what is going to whisper the big Flower in their ears. Does it have some secrets from plants kingdom which it wants to share with people or it need some help? Who knows... The only way for audience to reveal that secret is to get closer to the big flower shepherds. They walk along the big flower pulled by giant Mantis and sharing the speaking lianas with pedestrians. The big Flower is moving slowly at the pedestrian area, teasing audience no matter their age and size. Some kids discover the speaking lianas and then they also hear the special music burgeon. The magic sounds of that burgeon make children come even closer to the strange big flower. The spell which they hear makes them even more curious. Will they finally find the answers which giant creatures are seeking or maybe it’s not answers or some special object what they lost? Do you want to reveal these answers too? What is inside that big Flower? If you want to know just come closer and follow the magic plants ... 

The audience sighs with a breath of delight and follows the fairytale big flower and it’s companions in their journey willing to see and find out what else they will discover inside these amazing plants. The journey finishes with a spectacular fire show and hand fireworks climax. The amazing magic machine disappears in a majestic cloud while the audience stands motionless and spellbound. 

Fireter brings strong visual street theatre in larger life spectacles. Company Fireter performed in numerous international festivals in Greece, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Portugal, Italy and e.g. The shows combine theatre, stilts, music, fire, dance, metal or inflatable constructions and there are always staged amongst the audience.