Who are we

Shade and Fire Theater – FIRETER is specialized in fire show, stilts show, fire juggling, fire installations, acrobatic, air acrobatics, illusions, living statues and more. FIRETER changes the idea for performance, theater, show, party, event and even advertising by using new ideas and approaches to the audience. The main goal of the troupe is to erase the distance between artists and audience by doing shows at provocative places and using original techniques.  More than 17 years ago, some of the actors in the group are among of the fire jugglers who first introduced fire art in Bulgaria. After all these years of experience in TV programs, theaters, festivals, night clubs, film productions, and concerts, there are quite a few Bulgarian singers, TV shows, clubs or just companies with whom we have not collaborated. Shade and Fire Theater makes people feel like they are a part of the magic world of fire, light, shadows and their endless ability to embrace new forms, characters and feelings. The main reason for our success is our vision for fire arts, as well as the long professional experience and enormous variety of costumes, and the music specially created for our performances.

Shade and Fire Theater is using different technique such as juggling, contemporary dance, acrobatics, aerials, stilts, illusions,  puppets, masks, mapping, shadow theater and others. After all these years of artwork experience and eight years especially in the FIRETER project there is practically no town in Bulgaria  which the group did not perform at, and we have been invited to many other countries around the world. Fireter is the first troupe in Bulgaria to make a spectacle bringing one tone of burning coal on theater stage and also the first to give a flying fire performance.

FIRETER is changing choreography constantly in order to fit the event spaces and themes and to make their show unique for each partner.