The Theater was founded in the beginning of 2009 by Plamen Ivanov. Plamen and other artists who had already more then 8 years in the embrace of fire magic decided to create a project which will incorporate many different aspects of circus art, fire performance and theater. The name was given by Toni Petrov and is a compilation of the words FIRE and THEATER  - FIRETER. Tony made the first website of the Theater and its logo.  The composer of the troupe is Kliment Dichev. Costume designer is Boyan Hristov.

In the last eight years the troupe has performed in numerous theater and corporate events in Bulgaria, as well as in more than 15 other countries around the world. Here are some of the Theater partners over the years – Volvo, Mercedes, Shell, Overgas, Telenor, FESTO as well as all night clubs and shopping malls in Bulgaria. Also FIRETER took part of many theater and music festivals like – Glastonbury Festival England, Rudolstadt-Festival Germany, STF Athens, Greece, International Fair Izmir Turkey, Sochi Amusement Park, Russia, Magic Festival Sibiu Romania, ITF Varna, TheatAIR Plovdiv, Sofia Puppet Fair and others.