Rain of invitations for Portugal to the actors and dancers from the opening of the Surva 2018!

During the three days of the festival "Surva" in Pernik in our town were Chalder Ferreira - President of the Association, Fatima Rebelo - Vice President, Elisa Alves -Prezident of the Assembly of the Association, Artur Nunes - Mayor of Miranda Douro, Francisco Madeleine - President Inatel, a Portuguese foundation that presides over the CIOF, supported by UNESCO.

They invited the participants in the Surva opening show 2018 to present it at the Lisbon carnival in late May.

The president of "Portugestour" expressed a sincere admiration for the music, dances and costumes, as well as the overall concept of official festival opening.

Ferreira said : That festival in Pernik at the end of January is wonderful and hopes that many Portuguese groups will participate in the next edition of the festival.