Fairy tale story - Fireter

Yesterday evening at the Main Streets of Plovdiv was the main stage of "Fire Show - Fire and Shadow Theater - Fireter". Theater of Fire and Shadows is a project specialized in the presentation of a fire show, stilts show, juggling with fire, fire installations, live statues and a varied show program. "Fireter" aims to change the typical concept of performance, theater, show, party. Their goal is to break the boundary between the audience, the stage and the artist, looking for the unusual places, scenes and techniques for that. "Fireter" makes viewers feel part of a world embraced by the beauty of fire, light, shadows, and their ability to endless incarnations in different faces, shapes and states.

The theater of fire and shadows uses various tools such as dancing and juggling with various fire instruments, show with stilts, unique costumes, masks, puppets, live statues, light effects, shadows, screens and other varied experimental techniques and performances.

"Fireter" uses all these techniques, further enhancing them by bringing a part of his show straight to the audience, imperceptibly engaging the viewer in the vast ocean of fantasy and beauty. You become actors and although for a moment you are part of the world of Fire and Shadow Theater "Fireter", and it is part of your joy and smiles ...